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About Us

About Our Firm & Its Founder

JDH Accounting, Inc was formed in 2013 and named for its founder, Jeremy David Herbst.

Prior to starting JDH Accounting, Jeremy worked as the controller for a major Los Angeles restaurant and bar company, managing and overseeing the finances of over a dozen companies. For over fifteen years, Jeremy assumed nearly every role in the restaurant business - from serving and bartending to kitchen prep to restaurant management to human resources. Aside from being uniquely suited to restaurant accounting and consulting, Jeremy has worked in the following industries:  finance, legal, medical, internet media, and film/TV production.

Jeremy is a licensed California CPA, who earned his certificate of accounting from UCLA. He also holds an undergraduate degree (Environmental Sciences, Physics) from the University of Virginia and a Master's degree (Atmospheric Sciences) from the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

Our Mission

JDH Accounting, Inc. understands that the key to a successful business relationship is trust.  To engender trust with our clients, we focus on the following components in our working relationships:

(1) integrity

(2) communication

(3) quality

(4) efficiency.

At JDH Accounting, integrity is our firm's underlying philosophy and governs how we interact with clients and with any third parties on behalf of our clients. It guides our decision-making and informs our advice to clients. Our goal is to advocate for our clients and represent their interests while ensuring adherence to established accounting and legal guidelines.

We believe that communication is paramount. Our goal is to form a partnership with each client, recognizing that the needs of each client are different.  We strive to maintain an open dialogue with each client and to ensure that information is readily available. We want each client to feel comfortable accessing our firm.

We believe that a job well done is the only job worth doing and believe that our clients deserve the highest quality services we can provide.  Questions are answered and issues are resolved. We pride ourselves on our problem-solving ability and on our tenacity when a solution is not easily found.  No matter the situation, a client can expect exemplary results.

We emphasize efficiency at JDH Accounting. We understand the value of time and respect deadlines. We know that our clients sometimes require immediate responses to timely questions and respect those needs. Whether we are preparing a personal tax return or consulting on operational procedures for a business, a client can expect an efficient and effective response.

JDH Accounting is not just an accounting firm. It is also a place where clients can find peace of mind and expect to meet their personal or business financial goals.  By putting your trust in us, you are partnering with a company that considers your success our success. We look forward to working with you!